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FL or Ableton?

2015-09-13 10:06:38 by DeadlyAlchemy

So I feel like changing software this year to something more commonly used i.e Ableton or FL Studio.

However I'm at a crossroads on WHICH one I should move to. I hear that Ableton is slightly more complicated, but I've tried Ableton before (and used the demos) on both and find them around the same level of complexity.


So which one do you think is better overall?

Comment below or something because I'm not too sure which one I want to switch to myself. I know FL is cheaper but then they cost about the same if you actually want the full creative experience, so cost is of no significance to me.


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2015-09-13 10:48:01

If you're messy like me, and love an artist's desk with lots of colours, go for FL. Ableton, apparently, is the opposite.

DeadlyAlchemy responds:

I can see that from the demos. Personally I'm not so fussed with colour and so on xD but keeping things neat and tidy is certainly a thing. I think FL is probably the one I'm going to end up choosing, even though Ableton has the whole Max package with hundreds upon thousands of customised instruments, which I find appealing.


2015-09-13 14:04:25

I'd say FL


2015-09-23 09:38:32

I'd recommend Fruity Loops myself, because it's very easy and you can access all features easily.